fraternal order of police

Joe is endorsed by the Butler County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #107

Letters of commendation

Over his many years of service to the community, Joe has been fortunate to collect countless letters from individuals, business owners, school districts, and surrounding communities thanking him for being there in their time of need, educating their children through the D.A.R.E. program, and much more.
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Musician Bret Michaels, the former frontman for the band Poison, values his connections to friends and families in the Butler area and has reached out to show his support for Joe’s campaign.

Trooper First-Class, Troop D Fire Marshal Unit, Retired, Pennsylvania State Police
Troop “D” Butler Headquarters

Brian G. Crouch

I have known Chief Joe McCombs for over thirty years and feel that he would be a wonderful District Judge for Magisterial District 50-3-06. I have no doubt that Joe will be fair and impartial. I have worked with Joe in many capacities to include homicide investigations, undercover operations and the interdiction of narcotics into Butler County.

Joe is the most qualified candidate, and will serve the citizens of Butler County with distinction. His accomplishments as a law enforcement officer and leader, and dedication to those he serves, speaks volumes.

Corporal, Troop D Vice Unit, PA State Police, Retired


I feel that Joe McCombs is the only candidate that has the qualifications, experience, fairness, knowledge, and attitude to fill the position of District Magistrate. I have worked and been friends with Joe for over 30 years. Joe is a true professional. He is fair, loves his community, and helping others. Joe was instrumental in slowing the drug flow from Pittsburgh into Butler, implementing training for his officers to interdict possible drug traffickers. He provided valuable information that assisted in arrests in the local area, resulting in the seizures of drugs, money and weapons, with both Federal, State and Local agencies. He has always been professional, courteous and takes pride in his work. He is a good family man, father, friend and Police Officer. I have no doubt he will make a great Magistrate.

former cranberry twp. support services commander

David P. Lewis

It is my pleasure to write this letter of support for Chief Joe McCombs as a candidate for Magisterial District Judge. I have had the pleasure to know Joe for more than 30 years. I’ve worked very closely with him during my tenure at the Cranberry Township Police Department, not only with regard to normal law enforcement functions, but also as an outstanding community leader. 

When the Seneca Valley School District agreed to expand the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program he was the first to step up to be a part of the program. For years, he taught DARE to students at the Evans City Middle School and supported other school-based programs throughout Seneca Valley. Joe was always there, even on his personal time, willing to assist me with programs in the school district and for my citizens in Cranberry Township.

As a patrolman he excelled in his job as an extremely fair individual, being tough when needed, but showing compassion as well. His skills as a public servant didn’t stop with the police department, but has been shared over the years with the local fire company, Fraternal Order of Police, and the Pennsylvania Police Olympics. In all my years knowing Joe, when it came serving the public, he always was willing to assist. Even though he is community-oriented at heart, he has always been tough on crime by doing his due diligence to solve crimes, comfort victims, and bring violators to justice.

After leaving Cranberry Township, I continued to stay in contact with Joe and his family and was impressed that he was continuing his work in the community and doing an outstanding job as the Chief of Police in Evans City. I was not surprised when Seven Fields decided not to renew their enforcement contract with Cranberry Township, and Chief McCombs quickly took a lead role in creating a regional effort to serve both communities. This is exactly the skill set needed by a district justice who will serve 12 communities (Harmony, Mars, Valencia, Zelienople, Lancaster Twp., Callery, Forward Twp., Connoquenessing, Evans City, Adams Twp., Connoquenessing Twp., Jackson Twp.) He will dedicate himself to the job at hand and already has a great relationship with all the departments serving this Magisterial District. 

While serving the U.S. Department of Justice in my current role, I have had several discussions with Joe both as a Chief and a community leader on identifying the ever-changing needs and challenges of local law enforcement and the communities they serve. His insight and perception have also been welcomed and provided a grass roots perspective on the issues at hand. 

In all the years I have known Joe McCombs he has always been well-mannered, professional, knowledgeable in current affairs, and has a great sense of humor which, are all vital elements toward his outstanding communications skills. 

His compassion for the well-being and safety of his community, its citizens, and the next generation of leaders is obvious based on his willingness to help me over the years, taking on community organization duties, and his continued involvement with the school district and professional organizations. 

Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to work with police officers at all levels across the country, and I strongly believe Mr. McCombs has the skills, knowledge, ability, and dedication to be a great asset as Judge in District 50-3-06. There is no doubt in my mind that he will continue to be an outstanding leader, community servant, and a team player, not only locally, but throughout the County and the Commonwealth.

I support Joe McCombs for Magisterial District Judge.

Retired Zelienople police Dept.

Sgt. chuck carlson

I have known and worked with Joe for more than 25 years on the street as well as a D.A.R.E. instructor.  I found Joe to be strong , reliable, and fair when dealing with people.  Joe really cares about the community he serves, not only as a Police officer but as a volunteer Firefighter. These attributes make Joe an excellent candidate for District Magistrate. 

 Owner, Digital Shoebox & JOE MCCOMBS SUPPORTER

Chris Leisie

Joe happens to be a great friend and more importantly, far and away, the most qualified to interpret the law, and hand down judgements in a fair, educated, and ethical way. Pick three more important qualities you want in a representative of the people – honest, ethical, and experienced! May 18th, hit your local polling place.

 Zunder and Associates, P.C.& JOE MCCOMBS SUPPORTER

Michael P. Zunder

I’ve known Chief McCombs for my entire 28 year career as a criminal defense attorney in Butler County. Truth of the matter is, most lawyers never step foot in a District Magistrate’s Courtroom with the exception of criminal lawyers (which total less than 5% of all lawyers). With that said, although Joe has always been on the opposite (prosecution) side of my cases, he has always been fair, respectful and tolerant with both myself and my clients. He has been in a courtroom on a weekly basis for the last 30 plus years and over that period, observed 3 different Magisterial District Judges with differing styles, come and go. He is a student of the law and I can honestly say that there are few, if any, police officers that I have more respect for in not just Butler County, but in all of the 20 plus counties I’ve practiced in throughout the Commonwealth. There is little doubt that his hands-on experience and leadership in the legal arena dwarfs that of his opponent and will serve the citizens of this District well. EXPERIENCE COUNTS!!
With that said, I am proud to endorse his candidacy!



Joe is a man of integrity presenting himself in a professional manner and has been devoted to our community for many years.  I am confident that joe would be thorough and fair in any case that he must judge.


Mike MeInert

I have known Joe for several years and I’m confident he would make an excellent District Magistrate. Joe’s years of law enforcement experience and his ability to connect with the local community will make him a fair yet firm candidate for this important position.

joe mccombs supporter

Kory J.

I feel Joe McCombs is a great candidate for the Magisterial District Judge. He has lived in Evans City for all my life and has been on the Evans City police force for just as long if not more. Joe has been there for all of the big and little problems that I know of that have arose in the past and fixed or saved or protected the Evans City people. With Joe persusing to move on to District Judge would be excellent. He will continue to protect Evans City and the surrounding areas and bring justice and peace to those around the area when called upon as judge.
I Kory, vote Joe McCombs

Jackson Twp. Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Josh Rader

As a life long resident of Jackson Twp. I have watched Joe work hard for many years. As a student at Evans City Elementary I participated in Joe’s D.A.R.E. to resist drugs program and as a 15 year firefighter for Zelienople and now Harmony Fire district, I have worked along side Joe day and night trying to make our community a better place. Now as I raise my own family in Jackson Twp. I rest easy knowing someone like Joe is looking out for all of us!

I Josh Rader will vote Joe Mccombs!

Jackson Twp. Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Ken hall

I have known Joe for many years. He is an honest, trustworthy, responsible and very kind-hearted. His experience in law enforcement and as a volunteer firefighter have taught him invaluable experience in government, and his role as a husband, father, and youth sports volunteer have kept him tied to his local community and what is important to those living in this district. I will be voting for him in the May 18 election.

Former evans city police officer & joe mccombs supporter

Dan O’Leary

Joe was my chief at the beginning of my career as a police officer. I could not have asked for a better boss and role model. Joe was always available to answer my questions, provide knowledge, or just to check on me. I cannot think of a better person to be Magistrate.

Connoquenessing Township Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Jake Dressler IV

Joe was born and raised in Evans City and has devoted his life to the community since day one and deserves to be Magistrate.

Jackson Twp. Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Cheryl Kopp

Joe is a long-time family friend. He looks out for the community and has always been available to help anyone when needed. Joe is very knowledgeable and would make a great District Judge for all residents in the district.

zelienople Resident & joe mccombs supporter

M. Dodson

I’ve known Joe since 7th grade. He has always been a fair and friendly person, in his personal life and work. I have also worked in a department next to Evans City, alongside Joe. I am confident he will serve his district well.

Jackson Twp. Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Betsy Duncan

I have known Joe for decades. He treats people with dignity and respect. I can’t think of a more experienced, fair, and decent person to hold the position of Magistrate for our local communities.

Jackson Twp. Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Wayne & Peggy Roccia

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Joe for Magistrate. In all his years of service to our community, he has been a friend to all. No one is too old, young, wealthy or under privileged to get his kindness in whatever they may need. His experience and knowledge of the law and his relationships to individuals will make him a magistrate we can all trust and be proud of.

Evans City Borough Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Rob Reppert

Joe is so well-educated on the laws and has walked the walk of enforcing them. Living and working in the Evans City and surrounding area, Joe knows everyone and is very understanding.

Evans City Borough Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Debbie Reppert

Joe knows Evans City and the people in the surrounding areas. Joe has knowledge of many aspects of the law and first-hand experience at enforcing it. He has earned the respect of the people.

forward Twp. Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Christian & Tami Enders

Joe’s years of public service have been 100% professional, yet personable. His family is his first priority, but his care of other families is also a high priority.

evans city Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Missy Nulph

I believe Joe is more than experienced for Judge and will do a great job.

evans city Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Stephen Nulph

Joe cares about the people in his community. He has protected and served this area for years and wants it to be a safe haven for all of us.

adams Township Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Nate Boyle

Joe’s years of experience in the law enforcement field will easily transition to Judge. He’s a man of character that I want upholding the laws in the municipalities.

zelienople Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Rose Bentley

Joe is an awesome person and family guy and is just good with people in general. He has done a lot for his community.

zelienople Resident & joe mccombs supporter

James Bentley

Joe cares about his communities and has given back throughout his career. Thanks, Joe!

ret. Jackson Township Police
Dept. & joe mccombs supporter

Bob Goetz

I endorse Joe because of our having worked together for quite a few years. During my time working with Joe, I found him to be a dedicated, honest, hard-working person. I believe Joe will dedicate himself to serving our communities well.

forward Twp. Resident & joe mccombs supporter

Charlotte & Jeff Barto

Joe is a great representation of our community. He is fair and knows the people. Joe serves with integrity and fairness. He has seen it all and truly cares for our communities. His character will make him a great Magistrate.

joe mccombs supporter

Terri Clouse

Joe has 40 years of public service locally. He’s a good guy and is more than qualified for this position.

evans city borough & joe mccombs supporter

Toni DeHart

Joe has served many years of public service in our community. He is calming in difficult situations. Joe is nice to everybody and non-judgmental.

Former Evans City/Seven Fields
Police officer & joe mccombs supporter

Trina Loesch

I have known Joe McCombs for about 31 years. We have worked together side-by-side in Jackson and Lancaster Townships, Evans City Borough, and Evans City/Seven Fields as police officers. He was also my boss for many years as well as a friend. Working alongside Joe I got to know that he cares very much about people, and has always given the benefit of the doubt. I’ve also noted that when he is in court, he would rather try to help somebody than to stick it to them. He has compassion and heart, but he knows he must follow the law. Joe has solved many complex cases, and has applied the law to each and every one of those over the years. If I could vote in his area he would definitely have my family’s vote.